Use Cases

Remote Monitoring

Paceco Espana

PACECO is remotely monitoring and managing their cranes enabling a proactive asset maintenance capability to anticipate potential issues that may arise.

Telefonica Smart M2M

Smart M2M is a managed connectivity solution that offers control and management of M2M lines and connectivity in real-time and remotely from any part of the world.

GAIL Pipeline Monitoring

GAIL reduces operating costs by allowing technicians to monitor the infrastructure without on-site visits, allowing higher quality of service.

Factory Optimization

ALPS Electric Ireland

ALPS increased their manufacturing efficiencies and improved the percentage of devices that passed quality assurance (QA) testing.

Smart Grid

Transformer Monitoring

Power utilities aim to monitor every device on the distribution network as a critical component of any smart-grid deployment.

GOOSE Messaging

Intelligent substation allows utilities to respond to changing loads, manage brownout and blackouts and contain grid-wide collapse events.


Improved the energy efficiency of the electrical distribution network and optimized its protection against atmospheric surges

Smart Metering

National Smart Meter Rollout

Roll out of 53-million gas and electricity meters by 2020, helping consumers to better understand and control their energy usage.



Carrier grade and fully integrated customizable solution, encompassing different parts of the IoT value chain in the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) segment of the market.