Case Study – Alexanderwerk AG

The Alexanderwerk Group is an international group of companies headquartered in Remscheid Germany, with five subsidiaries and an extensive dealer network. 

They support leading companies worldwide in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries as well as the LifeScience and nuclear technology sectors in dry granulation and compacting of small quantities to large-scale production.


A solution was sought that would allow the experts in Remscheid to identify errors quickly and accurately. Managing Director Dr. Alexander Schmidt already saw many potential applications of the Epson Moverio BT-350 smart glasses in spring 2020 and how their use could be further beneficial during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Furthermore, Alexanderwerk demonstrates new machines to its customers in their technical center and also carries out machine acceptance tests there, a second application for the smart glasses.


Terra Solutions demonstrated the EPSON Moverio BT-350 glasses and the TeamViewer Pilot remote support application in an online presentation. Terra Solutions was also able to deliver the glasses on short notice. 


“TeamViewer Pilot has been a very good option for our organization. We already use the TeamViewer remote support products so we are very comfortable with the dashboard. It is extremely user-friendly to have our support technicians utilize the same platform for support sessions on the Epson glasses as well as Android and Apple smartphones.”

"Terra Solutions provided very good support to Alexanderwerk throughout the process in this service desert and was competent and efficient in customer support and commissioning of the Epson BT 350 with TeamViewer Pilot."


Thanks to Terra Solutions’ involvement and support, Alexanderwerk can now easily perform initial fault analysis remotely using smart glasses. In addition, the installation of the Zoom and Microsoft Teams applications enables the team to give “up close and personal” demonstrations and approval of the machines in Alexanderwerk’s technical center.