aeoon Technologies produces printers and pretreatment units for the industrial digital direct to garment textile printing market. With their vast knowledge in this field they can offer an unprecedented printing quality in the DTG market on all textiles as well as other flat materials such as wood or glass.
After more than 130 years, Alexanderwerk is still driven by inquisitiveness and innovation, and it is these motivating forces that keep their technology moving forward in response to the ever-changing requirements in the industries they serve.
AUMA has been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years and is now one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.
Bekum is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extrusion blow-moulding machines. Hollow articles such as bottles and canisters are made from plastic on their machines. Numerous inventions and patents – some of which now form the industry standard for today’s blow-moulding machines – were developed by Bekum.
Berry creates innovative packaging and engineered products that they believe make life better for people and the planet. They do this every day by leveraging their unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation expertise to serve customers of all sizes around the world.
Bickers is well known for fully automated XY GLUEJET-tables, manual and automatic glue application systems, quality hot melt glue guns, hot melt adhesives in the form of sticks, cubes or granules, metal adhesives and more. They also offer special solutions to customers.
Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. They develop the best process solutions along complete value chains. Two billion people each day enjoy foods produced on Bühler equipment; and one billion people travel in vehicles manufactured with parts produced with our machinery.
At CERN, they probe the fundamental structure of particles that make up everything around us. They do so using the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments.
CordenPharma, the global pharmaceutical service & manufacturing platform of International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), is a full-service Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for the production of APIs, Drug Products, and associated Packaging Services.
Deltric GmbH was founded by Delta Metal Electrica (Holding) Ltd. In 1977 and became an independent company in 1978. Today they are your competent partner for everything involving electrical engineering products according to VDE, UL/CSA, British and Australian Standard.
E.C.S. Elektronik Computer Service GmbH is offering the entire spectrum from individual workstations and customized network solutions to complete server racks or data centers as well as software solutions. Their main focus is on the construction industry as well as craftsmen and trading companies.
Pelletizing is in their DNG – This means that, in the pelletizing field, they make the impossible possible. Their passion for technology ensures your success. ECON has been the underwater pelletizing specialist for over 20 years. Constant technical development processes have made them innovation leaders in pelletizing systems.
The company Enpro GmbH was founded in 1997 by the brothers Johannes and Albert Slot. Based on Johannes Slot’s experience in the envelope machine industry, W&D and Paulzen production machines were relocated and overhauled in the first few years. Johannes Slot’s mechanical-technical knowledge is supplemented by Albert Slot’s practical and theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering. Both company founders are still involved in all projects and guarantee highest quality and planning reliability.
Givaudan is a Swiss multinational manufacturer of flavours, fragrances and active cosmetic ingredients. As of 2008, it is the world’s largest company in the flavour and fragrance industries.
Goldschmidt masters all challenges of modern, railbound mobility – for safe, sustainable and long-lasting railways of premium quality.
GROB, as a family-owned company, has been a leader in designing and building highly-innovative production and automation systems for high-precision industries like medical, aerospace, mold & die.
Hassia stands for more than 65 years of experience in the design and development of high quality form, fill and seal machines and has a large base of worldwide installations. The portfolio comprises also the highspeed filling and sealing machines from the well-known Hamba-brand.
Practice orientation, internationalization and intelligent use of resources are the focus of teaching and research at the system accredited university. The Münchberg campus offers a unique education in Germany through textile and design courses of study that are closely linked to the economy.
Kamenzer Textilreinigung is a local industrial laundry and dry cleaning facility.
MAAG Group offers customized product solutions and services from a single source to maximize your performance and create a competitive advantage. More than 1,100 employees are always at your service with their great know how. MAAG Group’s experts are able to support you and to introduce to you the solution that best fits your individual demands.
MANN+HUMMEL is a family-owned company with decades of experience. It is the people who work for them that drive them and make them a market leader. This is how they convince customers and clients in Germany and the world.
Since 1930, Martin Bauer Group has stood for expertise in botanical products. Their success is built on their passion and love for nature. Whether peppermint, hibiscus, rooibos or mate, their products always come from responsibly sourced, high-quality botanicals that are processed using rigorous, certified methods.
As the world’s leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances, Miele creates delightful experiences – not only with regard to the quality of their products, but also in terms of performance, convenience, design and sustainability.
Netzsch is a mid-sized, family-owned German company manufacturing machinery and instruments with worldwide production, sales, and service branches. Without losing view of their regional roots, they strive for global market penetration.
Otto Harrandt is the world leader in the development and sale of machines for automatic measurement, testing and assembly of pistons. Customers are all major manufacturers of pistons, leading producers of cars and trucks as well as manufacturers of “heavy duty” combustion engines
Consulting, planning, installation and service of IT infrastructures. The current and future applications of the customers form the main focus of pro-data service GmbH. A well-founded and professional analysis, consulting and planning is always at the beginning of the optimization of hardware or software.
Pütz Group is an association of currently 10 companies at seven locations in Germany with headquarters in Saarburg (Rhineland-Palatinate) and a subsidiary in Slovakia.
Resato is a Dutch provider of smart high pressure solutions with the aim to increase the productivity of its worldwide customers. It is their mission to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. With more than 25 years of experience in high pressure technology, they are equipped with the knowledge to provide reliable and safe solutions.
For 70 years Rondo has been developing and producing high-quality machines and systems for the production of pastry of all types.
Ruhlamat manufactures fully-automatic, semi-automatic and manual specialised machines for their customers that fully meet their specific requirements. From the planning and project development, through to the design and manufacturing to installation on site.
More than 20 years of experience in QM consulting, documentation, translation, software development, print, sound and video.
Schmid & Partner is one of the leading IT service providers between Stuttgart and Ulm. Their task is to make IT technology optimally usable for their customers and thereby create added value. Their claim is to be among the best.
Speno International SA is a manufacturer of railway track maintenance machines. The Speno company was founded by Frank Speno in 1960 and is now headquartered in Switzerland. It operates maintenance trains in many countries.
For more than 35 years, the name TARTLER has stood for innovative plant construction in the field of synthetic resin dosing and mixing technology. Whether wind power industry, automotive, aerospace, boatbuilding or electrical engineering – wherever single and multi-component synthetic resins are processed, their low-pressure systems are in use.
Thonhauser Ltd., headquartered in Giesshuebl, Austria has been working for the food and beverage industry for over 40 years as a leader in the field of hygiene and cleanliness technology.
Vifor Pharma is a global leader in iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia therapies, with a history dating back to 1872, when pharmacist Caspar Friedrich Hausmann opened a pharmacy in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Viprotron is the technology leader for highly efficient glass scanners. More than 300 Viprotron multi-channel scanner systems are in use worldwide and perform exactly what every glass processing company expects. Absolute reliability in the quality control of glass processing, resulting in high quality, reduced scrap and optimized workflows that save time and money.
VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH is a specialist for customized X-ray inspection solutions and automation.
Wet-green has developed a purely ecological leather tanning agent and an associated tanning process as basis to produce Olivenleder®. This new discovery has allowed them to produce leather to the very finest standard of quality using renewable raw materials – setting a whole new standard in terms of sustainability.
XYZTEC is market leader in bond testing worldwide. The Condor Sigma is the most advanced bond tester, capable of fully automated shear, push and pull.